Sport is an integral part of life at Archbishop McHale College. It provides an opportunity for students to gain confidence, develop all aspects of physical fitness and learn a range of skills and techniques in a wide variety of different sporting activities.

Connacht Champions 2019

Sport at Archbishop McHale College is also a medium through which many life skills are developed. These include teamwork, health and fitness, safety, communication, good sportsmanship, self-discipline, fair play and respect for others. Individuals are also encouraged to develop their own character and personality through early exposure to competitive situations.


At Archbishop McHale College, all students are encouraged to take a full and active part in the sports offered through the curriculum. Participation is the key and it is hoped that everyone will find their relative strengths in an inclusive programme. The traditional team sports are offered throughout the year and we aim for all individuals to be involved at a level that suits their ability.

We play a comprehensive and competitive fixture list against a range of schools locally, regionally, and nationally in our major sports.


In addition to participation levels, students are encouraged to set their sights high in terms of their achievement. Many of Archbishop McHale College students have excelled in recent years and their physical literacy and Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) are well managed to maximise their potential in their chosen sports. The mental and physical development of the individual is put at the heart of any such programme and educational timetables can be specifically tailored in exceptional circumstances.


Students benefit from a very high level of coaching and mentoring from a highly experienced team of professional teachers and coaches. These include staff with international playing and coaching experience in a number of sports.