Why AMC?

In Archbishop McHale College, we aim to provide the very best learning and personal development opportunities for every young person who we serve. Our students enjoy a high-quality education in a school where they feel valued and cared for. We know each and every student well and learning is tailored to ensure that every young person achieves their potential and beyond. We would love for you to come and visit our school and see the journey they would embark on in Archbishop McHale College.

Why choose Archbishop McHale College?
  • A safe, welcoming environment with plenty of space and opportunities to pursue any interest that a student might have.
  • State of the art new build and facilities.
  • A tradition of excellence in academic achievement and in extra-curricular activities
  • A modern, progressive and multi-denominational education and the only co-educational secondary school in Tuam.
  • Highly skilled, dynamic and reflective subject practitioners who work together and continually develop their professional training in the delivery of a student-centred education.
  • Excellent rapport between students and teachers, as commented on in Department of Education’s Inspectorate.
  • A comprehensive curriculum with plentiful subject choice for Junior Certificate, Transition Year, Leaving Certificate (traditional and applied) and Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme.
  • Specialist classrooms in the following areas: Art, Home Economics, Materials Technology, Construction Studies, Engineering, Technical Graphics, Design & Communication Technology, Science, Information Technology and Career Guidance. Our facilities are constantly updated and we are awaiting the second phase of our new build.
  • Technologically advanced – fully networked with wifi throughout the school.
  • A tradition of outstanding provision for Learning Support and Special Needs.
  • A reputation of supporting the more academically able student.
  • An atmosphere of friendliness, warmth, personal care and attention. We pride ourselves on treating each student as an individual and every effort is made to discover hidden talents and to promote each student’s strengths.
  • Excellent relationships with our partners in education – students, parents/guardians and the wider community in Tuam and Galway.
  • A special pro-active policy of transition for all incoming First Year students in their move from primary to secondary school, using an ever-evolving pastoral care system and a student mentoring programme.
  • A diversity in cultural and sporting activities.
  • Daily communication with parents / guardians through social media, our school website, Year Head updates and monthly newsletters.
  • Supervised evening study and an after-school homework club.
  • Specialist curriculum for students with ASD. Our ARC and Liberty moderate class ensures inclusivity is achieved and that personalised and targeted support is provided for all students.
  • Online payment facility for parents.
  • A focus on developing autonomous learners and a culture of pride in the reward of both the personal and academic achievements of our students.
  • Application of a comprehensive blended learning policy, using Microsoft Teams as our online learning platform.
  • Student wellbeing is our priority. Our student leadership team and student wellbeing committee lead our annual Amber Flag application for recognition of our work in creating a climate of positive mental health.