Information Booklet

The aim of this booklet is to provide the information to best support you as the parents/guardians of a student in Archbishop McHale College.

Further information is communicated through email, text messages and sometimes in a phone call. Information evenings are held yearly to provide you with information for the academic year your son/daughter is about to start.

Contact details are available on page 14 of this booklet, as well as information on our social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

AMC Parent-Guardian_Information_Booklet

To note, details included here are as at September 2021. Some details change from year to year. For example, year groups on the earlier break and lunch vary from year to year.


1st Year students receive a Transition Booklet during the first few weeks of starting in Archbishop McHale College. The booklet is student friendly and contains the most up-to-date information, with the aim of the booklet being to help students making the transition into secondary school. The key information is explained to them by the teachers when they receive the booklet.