Our uniform is part of our identity and should be worn with pride. It identifies us as part of a team. This skill is vital for preparing students for their role in society. It also reduces competition for rapidly changing trends. We are delighted to report that the students in our school take great pride in their uniform and we thank you for your support with this.

There is a new uniform being introduced in AMC for the 1st years starting in 2021. Details of the current school uniform are provided below. School uniforms are available from a range of school uniform stockists, including School Wear Centre Tuam.





  • Blue Crested Jumper
  • Navy Pants
  • White Shirt


  • Blue Crested Jumper
  • Navy knee-length skirt or Navy Pants
  • White Shirt


Students can wear either Black Shoes or Black Runners. If a student chooses to wear black runners these must be completely black and have no markings. We a do not want parents spending a lot of money on footwear which clearly does not take note of the above information. We would very much like to avoid this as it puts the school at odds with the student. This is not what any of us would wish for and is a negative start to the school year for all concerned.

Physical Education Uniform

We introduced a PE Uniform for all First and Second year students from August 2020. We believe that this will reduce the costs on parents/guardians having to constantly purchase new clothes for Physical Education class.

PE Uniform  (2020 onwards):

Navy track suit bottoms, with no markings

Navy sports shorts (optional) for warmer days

Runners and sports socks, (no canvas shoes allowed)

Navy & Blue Crested Training Half Zip {Available in the School Ware Centre Tuam}

Navy & Blue Crested Training T-Shirt {Available in the School Ware Centre Tuam}

In the interest of safety, no jewellery must be worn during P.E. classes and hair must be tied back securely.