The winner of AMC's STEM Logo competition, as part of Science Week 2021, sees this creative design leading STEM at AMC!

Archbishop McHale College has long been renowned for its support of STEM subjects. Not only does the school have state of the art equipment and facilities, but it has teaching and learning and a range of activities that are innovative, engaging and inspire pupils to follow these subjects to the highest levels.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) are an integral part of the Irish economy and is a growing area that is set to be a fundamental part of Ireland’s future success as a country.

STEM also provides some of the most exciting, diverse and fulfilling careers available. STEM skills are now crucial to the modern world and are vital to Ireland’s innovative capability and global competitiveness.

Educationally, STEM teaching emphasises Science and Maths – our programs aim to put the ‘T’ and ‘E’ back into STEM education! We offer specific programs for Science (STEM Inquiry), STEM Design, Design and Technology and Computer Science.

Centre of Excellence in Design and Technology

Archbishop McHale College was one of the first schools in the country to start working with the Science Foundation Ireland towards the goal of getting Design Mark of Excellence in Science, which rewards schools for the excellence of their design teaching and the way they share their experiences and support other schools. The school, and others like it, earn the Design Mark by assessing what they do and submitting evidence in line with quality standards drawn up by the Design & Technology Association.

The school has also been recognised by STEM Learning for its role in encouraging and inspiring young people in STEM subjects through the use of STEM Ambassadors.

Innovative and engaging science

Science is one of the corner stones of the Archbishop McHale College curriculum. With a huge team of dedicated, specialist teachers and technicians housed in a purpose built rooms, we are able to offer an exciting, engaging and innovative programme that suits all budding scientist from first year to leaving Cert. Subject specialists teach pupils from an early age – not only do they have the right expertise, but they are able to extend pupils’ interests far beyond the prescribed curriculum. Learning in science at Archbishop McHale is not restricted to timetabled lessons, with a huge range of activities and extracurricular events used to augment normal lessons including a science week dedicated to inspiring our young scientist

Archbishop McHale Mathematics

Developing a sound competency in the above fields is not possible without a thorough understanding of mathematics. Mathematics is one of our School’s core subjects. As with all subjects at Archbishop McHale, only qualified subject specialists teach the subject whether you are in first year to Leaving Cert.

For many students and parents, there is still a stigma attached to STEM subjects in school. Subjects like Science and Maths are often portrayed as more difficult than other subjects on the curriculum, while other myths regard STEM subjects as being boring and irrelevant.