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Our Vision

Our vision Archbishop McHale College at is to provide an outstanding education for our students so that they fulfill their potential and make a valued contribution to society.

Here at Archbishop McHale College we see ourselves as a school community, committed to excellence and achievement. We encourage our students to participate in all the activities the school offers, knowing this will enrich their education and allow them to become successful students and successful adults.

Small Groups which mean that your son/daughter will
  • become more aware of his/her personal ability
  • have greater student teacher interaction
  • work to achieve his/her potential
  • have problems relating to class work or friends more easily recognised and dealt with

Excellent School which means that you and your son/daughter will

  •  have made a personal choice for second level education
  • have exercised leadership in choosing to be different

We Make a Difference which means that your son or daughter will be given

  • a unique opportunity to grow and develop
  • have the opportunity to build teacher/student relationships that can help them to achieve beyond what they may have originally imagined
  • many parents are making this school their first choice which means there are limited places