Study Skills

At Archbishop McHale College, we believe that if our students value the process of learning, the results will come. In order to do this, our students must know how to study and complete their homework. We have compiled the information below to assist you, as their parent/guardian, to support your son/daughter in reaching their goals.

Research advises that:

  • Since 80% of new knowledge is lost 24 hours after it is required, continual review is recommended. If your son/daughter continues to revisit prior learning, their understanding of any topic becomes much richer and deeper links between areas of study can be understood.
  • Your son/daughter should work for 20 minutes at a time and then take at least a five minute break.

Creating a Study Timetable

Click on the link for information on how to create a study timetable:

Click here to read a guide on how best to support your son/daughter: