Tom Murphy Award

Our annual creative writing competition encourages primary school students to express themselves in a unique manner. We are all keenly aware of the ability of creativity to reduce stress and anxiety in young people and this year, more than ever before, we look forward to providing an opportunity for 5th and 6th class students to escape into their imaginations. We are thoroughly looking forward to reading their works of art. The number of entries to our competition grows year on year and we have no doubt that your students’ creativeness will give the competition judges pause for thought.

Entries will be accepted in both the Irish and English languages. There will be a prize for the best English entry and one for the best Irish entry.




Winners of the 2020 Award:

Tom Murphy was a dramatist who has written 25 plays, many of which were produced at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin or the Druid Theatre, Galway. Tom is a former student of Archbishop McHale College and we are proud to be associated with his work.