Green Schools Programme


Green schools is an international environmental education programme, offering a well-defined, controllable way for schools to take environmental issues into the curriculum and apply them to the day-to-day running of the school. Green schools is a holistic, long-term programme.

AMC received the Green Schools Flag for Litter  in 2020 and continues to engage in the Green Schools programme.


The Green Schools programme offers:

• A way to build students confidence and sense of citizenship through participation
• To supply curriculum materials and ideas for projects and events
• To access a network of support agencies
• To link with other schools in Ireland and internationally
• To gain a prestigious award
• To provide local and national publicity
• For financial savings
• To reduce litter and waste
• To improve school environment
• To reduce energy consumption levels
• To involve the local community

Coláiste Ard-Easpag Mhic Éil/ Archbishop McHale College Tuam is committed to providing its students and staff with a clean and respected working and learning environment. The aim of our committee is to make students, staff and the wider community aware of how their lifestyle choices affect the environment and to ensure that Coláiste Ard-Easpag Mhic Éil/ Archbishop McHale College continues as a green school into the future.

A team of enthusiastic, committed students make huge efforts to look at how our school can be more environmentally friendly and carry out green school initiatives during school. We as a Post Primary school believe that every small effort can make a big difference on a daily basis.

The Green Schools Programme aims to include all members of the School Community. Parent participation is most welcome. We are open to new ideas and suggestions.



If any of the Keelings products are purchased, the labels can be kept and brought into school. The seeds can be planted at home in a garden or even in window boxes.