Amber Flag

AMC received our second Amber Flag in 2021. Students and staff took part into Darkness Into Light in May to raise funds and awareness for Pieta House.

2020 was the year we received the Amber Flag for our school! Students' and staff wellbeing is very important and Archbishop McHale College are committed to ensuring wellbeing is high on our priorities list.

Wellbeing is embedded in the curriculum through many subjects, including SPHE and PE and additional wellbeing lessons for 1st years.

Class tutors and Year Heads organise wellbeing walks for the students, as well as providing increased opportunities for praise at Assemblies and organising rewards trips.

Members of each year group make up the Student Council, who meet regularly to voice their opinions as representatives of the school body.

Our guidance counsellor is onsite to talk to students whenever they wish to talk. She works with members of staff and students to create 'Think Positive' pages which she shares with staff and students regularly.

As part of Wellbeing week, there are many activities organised in lessons, with workshops facilitated by visitors.



Staff wellbeing is important also. The photo to the right was taken at Knockma Hill, Castlehackett, where the staff enjoyed a walk together and then a lunch back at the school!