Maths Hub

Maths Hub gives the students an opportunity to get help with their Maths homework or any Maths questions they may have. The Maths Hub is run by a Maths teacher and students can stay for a few minutes or the full hour of the Maths Hub.


Maths club last year saw the high achievers in 1st year Maths try activities and challenges after school on a Monday. The purpose was to further their Maths skills and to 'think outside the box' when doing so. The twelve students travelled to the Escape Rooms in Galway city to put their skills to the test in a room where they were 'locked' in until they could crack the code and make their own way out.

The Maths club helped the students to improve their communication and teamwork skills, as well as their Maths skills. the students worked in teams of 2-4 students depending on the activity, as well as presenting solutions where appropriate.