Evening Study and Homework Club

Evening Study

Evening study gives the students an opportunity to complete homework and revise in a quiet environment.

Students have the option of evening study after school Mondays - Thursdays.

Students can obtain a form from their Year Head.

The purpose of evening study is to provide an environment where students can work productively on homework and revision. In order to reduce disruption, the following rules will apply for the duration of study:

  • Students are expected to arrive on time.
  • Students must bring all the books and resources they may need to the room at the beginning of study.
  • Mobile phones or other devices must be switched off, unless permission is given by the supervisor to work on the mobile phone or device for specific educational purposes.
  • Students who arrive late, or wish to leave early, must present a note with a parental signature to the supervisor

Students who persistently breach these rules may be removed from study.

Homework Club

Homework Club gives students an opportunity to ask any questions they may have about the work while completing their homework onsite. It helps to create good study habits which will be of help to them going forward in their secondary education and further studies.

Students and parents/guardians can obtain more information from the Year Heads.