The school community at Archbishop McHale College would like to welcome you to our website. As you browse through it, you will get a good sense of who we are as a school.
Archbishop McHale College is a co-educational, multidenominational Community College under the patronage of Galway Roscommon Education and Training Board. ETB primary and post-primary schools are state, co-educational, multi-denominational schools underpinned by 5 core values; excellence in education, care, equality, community and respect.


Extracurricular Activities

The list of clubs is increasing every year, giving students (and staff) lots of opportunities to develop new skills. It is a great way to make new friends too!
This year's times and locations of AMC's clubs are shown below:

Picture This!

Introducing "Picture This" - Our Captivating School Magazine! Brace yourselves for an incredible visual journey that showcases the essence of our vibrant school community.