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Archbishop McHale College is a co-educational, multidenominational Community College under the patronage of Galway Roscommon Education and Training Board. ETB primary and post-primary schools are state, co-educational, multi-denominational schools underpinned by 5 core values; excellence in education, care, equality, community and respect.



 Dean's List Recipients

As part of our raising academic attainment, We are  delighted to share the 2022/23 Dean's List of  and acknowledge their high academic achievement ranking in the top 10% of students . Congratulations to all of them.

Archbishop McHale College Tuam is delighted to announce the 2022/23 Deans Honours List.

Dean's List 2022-23

Dress up for DS

💜 Dress Up for Down Syndrome 2022! 💜

What a day! AMC is a special place, we’ve known that for a long time. But yesterday, both staff and students took it to another level! 🎉

Thank you ever so much to everyone that took part yesterday or that helped out in any way! Days like yesterday cannot come together without the help and support of our students’ parents and guardians. There was a really positive atmosphere about the school and we could see that the students were enjoying themselves. There were so many wonderful costumes and the competition was strong!

As always, AMC did us proud yesterday! #TeamAMC

P.s. Some staff decided to Hail their own Heroes and dressed up as the Irish Women’s Soccer Team. ⚽️

@downsyndromegalway @downsyndromeireland